Our Process

First Stage

We do not charge for the initial design stage of the process. This includes completing a survey for refurbishments or working from architectural drawings for extensions, to create a first design proposal.

From there we would present this proposal in our presentation room, taking notes on anything which you would want altered. If changes to the layout are required, we would arrange a 2 nd presentation (before sending a quote), if it’s only a change to products, then we would make these changes and then send the quotes.

Second Stage

After the quotes have been sent, we would then require a 10% deposit before making any further changes. This deposit is non-refundable and any changes from this point, would still increase or decrease the price, depending on the changes. Changes would be offset against the next payments.

Third Stage

After any further changes, we would then look to complete another survey (for installation projects only). This would be to confirm all installation work. We would then ask for confirmation on the proposal, once confirmed then the next payment would be 40% to take the amount paid to 50% of the overall cost.

If the kitchen is for an extension, then first survey would take place when builders ready to first fix. This would allow us to order the required products, ready for selected delivery/installation.

Fourth Stage

If we are only supplying products, then we would take the outstanding balance 2 weeks before delivery is scheduled. If we are installing the project, then we would take a further 40% of the balance 2 weeks before installation is due to start.

Fifth Stage (Installation Only)

Once the installation is complete and you are happy with the finished project, the final 10% would be payable. If any further costs had been required during installation, then these would be added to the final payment.

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